The project is finally over, after a number of "post-release" issues, we've now got the full version (that is the full version - version 2) online for free.

If you haven't been following my Twitter/Blog, Loricum is a Video Game developed by a group of young people aged 13-18. They were taught how to program by myself for the first time and they created the entire game themselves - including the art, music, storyline, coding, video and animations.

It was a wonderful experience to work with so many creative young people. It was a first-time teaching for me, first-time programming for them - and I think the result is spectacular all considering.

I've created a download portal for the game so we can log the number of downloads etc.
(download mirror:

Also, click here to read my article/blog-post about my experiences teaching this course to the young people.

Loricum - The Video Game Free Download