Hello World! Again!

Hello World! Again!

Previously I've been using Jekyll for my blog (see https://blog.jamie.holdings/2016/10/15/hello-jekyll/) - however I was finding the publishing and maintenance (oh what, the bundle dependencies have changed again?!) a pain stopping me from writing.

All I wanted was a simple blogging experience so I could focus on writing something rather than getting stuck configuring everything, remembering how to publish content, and how to push to the correct branch so GitHub would build the site correctly.

So, I moved to Wordpress!


I setup a WordPress site and imported my old blog posts. The plan was to write a custom theme a few weeks later to jazz it up, but for the mean-time it was setup and ready, but nothing was yet linking to it so nobody would know about the new blog and would continue to see the old blog.

But when I came to setup the new theme today, I found a peculiar error message at the top of every page complaining about a mis-typed header. This was happening so early in the page load, that WordPress couldn't set any cookies for me to login.

I had a little dig around and found every theme I had installed had a bunch of jargon injected into the top of their functions.php file.

It took a few weeks. My site had already been hacked.

This was a fresh install, a couple popular plugins installed for ease, and the link hadn't been shared anywhere. Yet somehow a script kiddie has already injected malicious code throughout the site, unintentionally breaking my ability to even login.

So screw it, I did some Googling and found Ghost.

4 minutes later I had a Ghost blog setup and running live inside a Docker container.

It looks great.
It performs well.
It does everything I want it to.

Sold. Ghost it is!