Unreal Engine 4 - Change Folder Colours In Version Control

Unreal Engine 4 - Change Folder Colours In Version Control

In Unreal Engine 4 you can change the colour of your Content folder directories to make it easy to identify parts of your project.

However, by default, this is only stored locally, and won't be shared with your team through version control.

However, with a bit of ini magic, we can commit our local folder colours to our version control depot and then the rest of our team will share our folder colour choices!

The trick is that when you set a new folder colour, it is saved here:


Open this file and look for the section called [PathColor]. These are your local folder colours.

Create of edit the following file in your Project:


Add your new [PathColor] section and any folders you want to bring across. Check this file into your version control and voila! Colours for everyone!

For example, my project now has this section in my DefaultEditorPerProjectUserSettings.ini