Manually Triggering Android Deep Links

Manually Triggering Android Deep Links

Sometimes it's handy to test triggering a mobile deep link to test some new integration.

You may have tried typing the URL into your phone's web browser (like Chrome) to trigger the app launching, however this doesn't work! The link needs to be clicked to trigger.

However, instead of creating your own debug site to make clickable links, you can trigger a deep link for any Android app using your ADB tool.

Call the "am start -d" command with your deep link URL to trigger the app directly.

For example:

adb shell am start -d app://deeplinkurl

Note any unusual characters such as ; or & will need to be URL escaped! For example, app://magicaccess/mygenieday?tab=tip&facilityId=16767284;entityType=Attraction becomes:

adb shell am start -d app://magicaccess/mygenieday?tab=tip%26facilityId=16767284%3BentityType=Attraction