Disney Cruise Line - View Activities Before Booking Date

Disney Cruise Line - View Activities Before Booking Date
Photo by Christian Lambert / Unsplash

I recently booked a Disney Cruise for the first time!

As a lowly first time cruiser, I must wait until 75 days before the cruise to book any extra activities or excursions in the ports. However, if you have cruised before, you can book activities earlier than this and grab the hard-to-get events before the noobs like me.

Disney emailed to remind me that I can book my activities soon, so we wanted to look at the available options and decide before the booking window opened. However, the website doesn't let me see the activities that are available on my specific cruise until the booking window opens. You can view a list of possible (all?) "port adventures" on the site by browsing the ports Disney Cruise Line visit, but there are not filtered to your cruise. Some activities were clearly not relevant to our cruise specifically, so we were annoyed we were asked to think about what we wanted to book, without actually have the real list of things we could do.

So, with a bit of tomfoolery I managed to figure out the URLs to see the scheduled cruise activities. All the buttons to book these activities are disabled until booking opens for you (go ahead, try and bypass it, it won't work).

You will need to know:

  • Your booking reference
  • Date of a port you are visiting
  • Type of activity you want to browse (options: PORTADVENTURES, ONBOARDFUN, DINE, or SPAANDFITNESS)
  • Ship shortcode (eg. Disney Magic = DM)
  • Port shortcode

Then construct your URL like:


For example, I know I am travelling to Alesund (port code: AES) on September 6th 2022 on the Disney Magic, so I can look at my possible port adventures using:


You can find out port and ship shortcodes by looking at your browser traffic when viewing your itinerary. Look for seawareCode and seawareId in the JSON data to find other ports.

Ship Shortcodes (seawareId)

  • Disney Magic: DM
  • Disney Wonder: DW
  • Disney Dream: DD
  • Disney Fantasy: DF
  • Disney Wish: WW