Weekend Project 2012 - Pokemon Clone

Weekend Project 2012 - Pokemon Clone

I found this old project kicking about, and as best I can tell it is from 2012.

I remember building this over a weekend when trying to learn how HTML canvases worked. This is a very mini recreation of a basic Pokemon game in a web browser. All you can do is walk about, but there are some AI characters, and you can walk into various buildings which is quite cool. Each map is loaded dynamically when you move about. The AI also can move between buildings, which I believe is part of my aim to see if I could get this working networked with multiple players.

No actual gameplay, just a little tech demo :)

Feel free to look at the code, it's not particularly good. I am a little distressed to see I made my own "isset" function, so I must have been still recovering from years of PHP.